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Catholic Parish: Old Tower, built in 1872 - Museum, built in 1876 - Parish Church, built in 1910 - 1915
Livingstone Church: Built in 1974 (100 years jubilee of Dr. David Livingstone)
Hospital: Donated by the Indian Sewa Haji, run by the Catholic missionaries, in 1912 taken over by the German Administration; used as Districts Hospital
Dunda Tower: Built in 1889 as defence tower during the Bushiri-War
Caravanserai: Old caravan terminus for caravan porters
Mwarnbao School: Donated by Sewa Haji as a multiracial school; still used as Primary School
German Store House: Built in 1888/1889 by the German Usagara Cornpany
Customs House: Built in 1895 on the place of the old Customs House which was transferred to Sadaani; still used as a customs house
Old Bagamoyo Tea House:   One of the oldest stone houses in Bagamoyo, built by A. S. Marhabi
German Boma: Built in 1987 as the residence of the German Colonial Administrator
Liku House: First German Headquarters, up to 1889, used by the Tanzanian Government
Hanging Place: Place where the Germans hanged to death the Bushiri-supporters after the Bushiri-War German
Cemetery: Cemetery for German soldiers who were killed during the Bushiri-War and in other battles
Cemetery Mwana Makuka:     Oldest cemetery in Bagamoyo with the oldest tomb, dating back to 1793/1794

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